Jade C. Jamison- Finger Bang 

I love Jade's work.

She is an Author that I just one click no matter what she puts out. 
That being said I gave this book 5 fingering stars!!!!
She did not disappoint. 

This story was hot! Getting through that first sex scene and the way she described it!! HOT DAMNN!!!!! 

Kaylee is innocent she comes from a home that frowns upon pre- marital sex and masturbating. She tries to get past her issues but they have left her shy and closed off when it comes to the opposite sex. Her friends are overwhelming and carefree, and the total opposite of Kaylee. Blaze, oh Blaze. This man can you say SEXY man on a stick!! Yes he was all that and more!!! He was patient and loving and just plain perfect!! 

I love how Jade turns a story about getting off by some strangers fingers into a love story that is totally epic!! This is a story that you don't want to miss. Yes, her friends were a little out there, yes, it is a crazy story. Yes, that is why you should read it! Jade does not disappoint and just a warning you will want to get your drink of choice, a comfy pillow and a good relaxing chair, YOU will not want to put this baby down until you are all done!!!! It will leave you wanting more! Thank you Jade once again for a book that did not disappoint and is unlike any other!

Review of Ashley's Bend - Casey Roop

ashley's bend      Review of Ashley's Bend Casey Roop *HAPPY DANCE* *5 STARS* *STANDING OVATION* This is book one in the Celtic Knot Review was done by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer. Thanks Melissa.     So basic rundown of this book... Ashley Carter gave up her young adult life for another person, her high school sweetheart turned husband. She worked why he went to school, then off to work. Never doing for herself. Even after walking in on her cheating bastard of a husband, she gave him everything. Her best friend dragging her off to a club the same night she finds her husband clubbing his secretary she meets mouth watering, muscle bound, glorious hotty Dominic Michaels. The club she enters is not your typical booty bouncing (well, in music club standards), music bouncing off the walls club. No, no this club is non other then a BDSM club. After meeting Ashley, Dominic is going to get his fill of her and let her walk because he doesn't do relationships and actually has never had one. His past dictated to him a long time ago that love is a cruel punishment and nobody should ever lose themselves in another person so significantly that they lose themselves. Ashley has decided that her life is hers to take back and do the unexpected of her, so she agrees to be Dominic's sub. Can she really do something that's not really in her nature? She's not sure but what she is sure of is that she wants to fix whatever is broken in Dominic that has him running from her at every intimate moment between them. Something wicked this way coming because Ashley finds herself in an impossible situation and she's not sure how to handle it. So she does the unthinkable..... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *HAPPY DANCE* *5 STARS* *STANDING OVATION* Have I forgotten anything because let me say, I LOVED THIS FREAKING BOOK!!!! There I said it, whew I feel better. I was thinking when I started this that it was going to be a typical BDSM book, meaning everything was going to be about the kink. While there is certainly not a shortage of hot sexy situations it wasn't all about that. I am not by any means submissive but I would be willing to sub for Dominic. HE IS HOT and I would love to...well you can imagine. I liked that even though Ashley was being a submissive to Dominic, she was not submitting to him. She held her own against him and his mood swings. He acted like a child and needed to have his ass smacked around a little (pun intended and Ashley was more than willing to help. I was shocked at the twist in the book and let me tell you I am drooling for the next book. I am so pissed at Ashley right now (no I won't tell you). I understand why she thinks she dad to do it, but I am no less pissed because everyone has choices. She made a bad one and I'm not exactly sure how she's going to get out of this one. I was a little taken back by the formal writing but I got over that. Read this book and enjoy all the fun that I did. I wait impatiently for the next round of Dominic and Ashley.    


Review of Xavier-- 
MJ Fields

THis is book 4 in the Men of Steel series !! 
Xavier-- IS HOT!!!

MJ Fields didn't do it again! She knocked the damn thing out of the park!!!!
Xavier is now my new favorite man!!!
He is such an Alpha male!!! But still caring and loving and so worth all the trouble! This is the man who said that he will never fall for a woman, never get married. Taelyn is a woman that can handle his attitude and his manly ways. Someone who can keep up with him and give him just as much as he dishes out! And man can he dish it out!! The banter between these two are just WOW ! They cracked me up!!! 
I wondered if this beautiful man would ever find a woman that could put up with his ways!!! 
He found it in Taelyn! 

The baby of the family might just be the hottest !! Hang on because you are in for one hell of a ride!!
These sex scenes made me blush !!! They are hot!!! 

This book had me laughing and then all of a sudden hot as hell!! I hope this is not the end of the series:( 
that would be more than just disappointing ..
Thank you once again MJ for a wonderful book!! One that will stay on my mind for a very long time!!!

Review of Side Effects -- Lisa Suzanne 

I love Lisa Suzanne's books.
Amazing Writer. 
So I went in with high expectations, and she did not disappoint. 
I gave this book 5 amazing stars. 

This is Quinn's story. 
She loves her life just the way it is. She has a man on the side Tyler. Quinn has a certain type in men, she likes them dark, tattooed and bad. That he is. She has been hurt and she is damaged. Then here comes Reed to mess up her life. He isn't at all what she is used to, there is not a tattoo in site. Mr. Preppy is all Quinn never looks for. There is a reason she doesn't fall. So how is Reed going to convince her that he is worth the trip? 

Will she choose Reed or will she stay with Tyler the one that she is comfortable with and knows she won't get hurt? 

I really enjoyed this book, Quinn tells it like it is. She feels it she says it. She is a no nonsense girl. I think it is because of all that she has been through. I love how Reed can push all her buttons and do things to her that nobody has ever done. Tyler was a bit Alpha Male and that is what she was used to, all in all this book was a big hit. I cannot wait to read more from Lisa she is a great writer. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful stories!

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