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Blurred Lines -- Jennifer K. Brand

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Title: Blurred Lines
Author: Jennifer K. Brand
Release Date: May 28, 2014
A stand alone novel
The moment I met Davide Valenti, I wanted him.

He was alluring in the kind of way that makes good girls like me want to break all the rules.

So I did. I broke my rules for him, and in turn, he gave me what I craved.

Hearts and Flowers.

Yet I wanted more. I wanted to know him, claim him the same way he had claimed me. But you can't claim that which doesn't exist. A mirage. A man who showed me one face while showing the world another. A complicated man. A dangerous man.

Now I'm caught up in his world. Trapped under all that is dark and dangerous. From hearts and flowers to guns and knives.

I want out. But I fear it's too late.      
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About the Author
Jennifer K. Brand writes erotic romances with witty curves and dangerous edges. She loves travelling and therefore her stories are set in exotic locales or have exotic male leads. Her stories are those with an element of intrigue or suspense, but wrapped in hot steamy romance.

Her favorite kind of hero is possessive with a dangerous edge, but has a sweet heart beneath it all. Her heroines are strong and witty and can't wait to tame their men. She loves Gin and Tonics, Spain, Monopoly and kittens :) Look out for her new book Blurred Lines, releasing May 28th!
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Book Review of Blurred Lines 
Jennifer K. Brand

This book review was left by Leigh a Book Worms Reviewer, thank you Leigh.
We gave this book 5 stars. 

Blurred Lines

5 Stars

Author: Jennifer K Brand.

Wow! Just wow! 

What more could you want from a book?

Sex? Yes
Mystery? Yes
God like man? Yes

I loved this book right from the start, she had me hooked from the very first chapter.

You get thrown into the deep end right from the start, all the emotions are right there, you can feel them, taste them, like you are right there in the book.!

It starts off with a dramatic scene, someone has been kidnapped, they are sitting in a dark room going through all the phobias of what they could possibly have or been going through!

Now this person was trying to remember what they had done, if anything.

They kept wondering why they weren't panicking, it must of been the shock, of course they were just a normal person.

So of course you're probably wondering who has been kidnapped! 

I was shouting already by this point, the suspense of not knowing who was in that room was killing me!

Male or female?
Young or old?
Innocent or guilty?

And then something happens, something to shed light on a matter, someone comes into the room to ask one of the most important questions and that is recurring throughout the book.

"Well, start by telling me why you were looking for Davide. What do you want from him? How do you know him?"

The person, yes person we still don't know yet!! Seems to be somewhat relived by this question, they could at least answer this question.

But who is the mystery person that walks in and who is Davide?
And of course, who is the hostage?!

So we find out the hostage is our beautiful if not slightly shy leading lady, Lori, and she is on holiday, in Barcelona, due to to one of her company's clients, who just so happens to be the biggest client!!

Lori is a law student, she works for a prestige law firm, Miller and Miller in New York, this is how we come across Davide.

Now Davide is a hotel manager, he is our leading man, but all is not how it seems with him, he is hiding a deep, dark secret which makes him all the more appealing and Lori agrees, who wouldn't?!

He's tall, well muscled, and has beautiful green eyes and dark hair, yum!!

Davide spots Lori dancing with one of her work colleagues and friends, Macy, and he instantly wants her and Lori wants him to!

He finally manages to get her on her own, so they go for walk, then come across somewhere to sit and chat where things progress, she can feel the jolt electricity as their fingers brushed, and she felt the zing when their lips touched.

"God, you smell so fucking good"

She leans in closer and and Davide took this opportunity to explore her body but it all became too much and she bolts! Yes bolts!

I was swooning here! 

She makes it back to bedroom unscathed and without bumping into Macy who would all the details and lets be honest, who can blame her?!

The next morning a knock awoke Lori, 
"Buenos Dias Senorita, Senor Valenti sent this up for you".

It was an envelope.

I was extremely curious here," Lori, I hope I didn't scare you off last night. I'm sorry if I did. I was hoping you could join me in the private dining room for breakfast. I need to apologize in person, Davide."

Wow! I was smitten but he is as sweet as he is making out?

As Lori goes down to meet him she bumps into Macy and promises to feel her in later on.

So she finally finds him and just stares and who can blame the girl?! 

She leisurely checks him not realizing he had finished his phone call, she looks up to find him studying her, a small smile on his lips.

"It's going to be really hard to apologize if you keep looking at like that" he smiled, this time a full on the lips, blind them with my colgate white teeth of a smile.

"Maybe I don't want you to apologize. Maybe I want you to continue where you left off".

Davide lets out a ragged breath and stalked towards her, but before she could even complete that thought he had pounced on her and she was flat on her back! 

His mouth was hungry and searching and his hand was on her calf was starting to move up her thigh and she could feel his growing erection and lets just say he was endowed down there!

By the time this had registered his hand had found its intended destination, the pleasure she felt short-circuited her brain, you see, Lori had not had sex in a while to the point where she had named her purple dildo Jake, yes ladies, Jake! And as much as she loved him he was nothing on Davide!

Jennifer has a way with sex scenes that will make you hot and bothered and maybe panting, she is not crude, she is steamy and hot, she knows what we want to read without the crudeness.

Lori becomes lost in the pleasure that he lavishes on her, she can't help it, he knows all the spots and presses them all!

Now, who doesn't want this bloke?!

Lori soon becomes aware of the cutlery digging into her back and staggers up from the table and they decide to move somewhere more comfortable.

Lori decides to return the favor,she bends to release him from his trousers which brings her eye level with cock.
She takes him to the back of throat and cups his balls, she feels heady with power. Giving head was paradoxical that way. Being on your knees while bringing a man to his.

Jennifer really has hit the spot with the sex scenes, she injects the right amount steam leaving you wanting more.

They spend more and time together, getting to know each other, and Lori gets too attached she knows it has to end and soon, she flies back to New York soon, and Davide becomes withdrawn, closing himself off and maybe this is for the best.

But is he going to be easy to forget?

I get a feeling that Davide is a hard man to forget, but maybe Lori should try.

All she wanted was for him to honest with her. She wanted not be the only wanting more, but they say actions speak louder than words.

After she returns back home, Lori throws herself back into work, trying to forget him but she can't, so Macy tries to take her mind off him.

She decides that is girls night out.

Me, you and Jose.

"Who's Jose"?
"You know, my best friend Jose, who never comes by without his buddies salt and lemon"

This spells trouble for Lori but it is much needed, she needs to stop moping, shes never going to see him again, or is she?!

So the night progresses and Lori spills but Macy also has news, Lori has got a promotion, but is this good or bad?

And what cost?

Due to her promotion Lori finds out some interesting facts, facts that lead her to Davide and Raffaele D'Amato.

But as first thought, all as not as it seems and Lori soon find herself in hot water.

"So it is said that if you know your enemies and yourself, you will fight without danger in battles. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor enemy, you will always endanger yourself."

How true this turns out to be for our poor Lori, but she is completely unaware of the danger she is putting herself in and consequently Davide.

Lori has discovered who Davide really is but she can cope with reality of it all?

Davide watches Lori, but he just can't take it anymore so he goes up to her door but Lori has other ideas concerning this, she has had enough of his coming and going in her life. 

"You leave now, you don't come back Davide."

She hardened her stance, she had to show him she was serious, she was not going to be his plaything anymore, it hurt too much. 
He was taking a piece of her every time he left, he was breaking her.

Things turn from bad to worse for this couple, can Davide fix it or is it all too late for them?
Too late for Lori?

Davide managed to fix but Lori was still wary, can she trust him? He's left for good, she needs to believe him, she loves him.

"He was it for me. This was it for me. Permanent. Lasting. Persisting. Enduring. Unfading."

Can they overcome the troubles thrown their way?

Will Davide's past catch up him?

This is their story, read it or miss it.

This book is steamy and full surprise, it will intrigue you and have you begging for more.

It's heartbreak and hell, it's love and hope, fear and trust.

I dare you not to cry, laugh and shout at these two.

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