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Forever Ride -- Chelsea Camaron

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Title: Forever Ride (A Hellions Ride, #2)
Author: Chelsea Camaron
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2014
Events happen in life that can awaken our truest and deepest desires. They also show us our greatest fears. Sometimes we are forced to face those fears, other times we build walls that can't be broken to protect ourselves.

A profound connection these two once shared. A strong friendship once formed was shattered. Fate has stepped in and shaken both their worlds.

The danger, the wild, the chaos, and the lifestyle of the Hellions world has become far too much for Savannah 'Sass' Perchton. Swearing off bikers and attempting a 'normal' life, she has settled. She's committed to Nick, her country club, pretty boy. She's found a way to be content.

Things aren't always what they seem. Wrap an empty box in pretty paper and a bow, it may look amazing, but it's still a hollow shell.

He's a Hellions playboy. A different chick in his bed, off on a different ride, and always something new. He's Frank the 'Tank' Oleander, Haywood's Hellions Road Chief. Throttle down and life is good.

The fast pace of the Hellions life catches up to him. At a crossroads, he's forced to face some life changing thoughts or succumb to the darkness of death. Teetering on the brink of giving in, her voice is all he's holding onto. The coma he can't pull himself out of, but her voice is the light in the darkness. He wants the girl who pulled him through when his life was literally in the balance.

She's sworn off bikers. Can he pull through? Can she ever see past the lifestyle to the heart of the man behind the cut? Will they find their Forever Ride?  
Forever Ride (Hellions Ride, #2)
One Ride (The Hellions Ride, #1)
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About the Author
6980925 Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.
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love 2

This is book two in the hellions Ride series
This review was left by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer. 
Thank you Melissa. 

Savannah "Sass" Perchtons' life has become something that she's sure she doesn't 
want anymore. Growing up along side her best friend as the Hellion's Motorcycle 
Club "princesses" she has a family, protection, love, overbearing men and very 
little peace. After what happened with Doll and having the love of her life 
laying in a coma, she decides she doesn't want this life anymore. She wants 
safety and security and that's not something the club can provide. After her 
love for a man that dismissed her, she decides to make a go of it with a country 
club going, polo shirt wearing, Mercedes driving, secure and safe man. Or so she 
thinks anyway. Nick makes it so that Sass can only depend on him and wants her 
to leave Tank and the club behind. Not a problem since she wants no part of it 
anyway. Right?

Tank Oleandar rides like he lives, fast, free, and with no commitments. While 
he knows he messed up with his best friend Sass, he can't seem to settle. Well 
that is until he's forced to. Hearing her voice every day is the only thing he can 
think about and what keeps his head from drowning in the darkness that the coma 
has put him in. He wants so badly to wake up and tell her that he was wrong but 
he can't seem to wake up. Then he doesn't hear her anymore, why bother breathing 
if he can't have the one person to make his life complete. Fighting for his life 
and his love can he get back to the person that can bring Sass home to where she 
rightly belongs, With him and the club? 

From me.... Possible Spoilers if you haven't read book one

Oh holy hell. That's a good thing. I had not read this author before and 
actually thanks to a lovely gift was able to read the first book in the 
Hellion's series (a must read before this one)and let me just say that I LOVE 
THESE BOOKS!!! 4.5 Stars across the board. The only reason that I didn't give it 
5 was I was hoping that Tank would come out of it sooner than he did, but so be 
it. His musings were sometimes amusing but more often I got to know who the 
Frank, not Tank was and I liked that. It made him seem more real (as any 
fictional book character can be). How he became a Hellion and what made him 

So helped me I wanted to kick Sass' ass more than one. I get that having her 
life threatened and having to go on the run I can totally understand wanting 
normal, but isn't her normal the club. Yes, yes it is but she lost sight of 
that. Nick can give her normal. Nick can give her security. Nick can give her, 
blah blah blah. Nick can have a my boot up his ass too. Her nickname is Sass for 
a reason but with Nick she became Stepford Savannah and we just couldn't have 
that. I loved that she was strong willed and that she wanted to prove to herself 
that she could live without Tank and the club but really she couldn't. It's easy 
for me to say I wouldn't allow myself to become someone's verbal punching bag 
but sometimes you don't even know when it's happening. READ the book and ya'll 
will know exactly what I'm talking about. There's some definite "oh shit" 
moments and I wanted to cheer out loud for Tank for many different reasons. 
Especially towards the end.

This was certainly an emotional ride. Pun intended because this book was like 
the ride on the back of a Harley. Not always smooth, sometimes curvy, a little 
uncomfortable after a while but damn worth the journey. I so look forward to the 
next one. SQUEEELLLLL!

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