Friday, July 4, 2014

Breaking My Heart Aleya Michelle Review

Breaking My Heart 
Aleya Michelle 

This review was left by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer. 

We gave this book 4 stars.
Thank you Melissa.

Who needs a stinking man? All they are good for is sex and sometimes they aren't even good for that. This is what Roxy believes about men. With all that she has been through with men she comes out strong and tends to fight for everything she gets. Sometimes fighting is hard though especially when you meet a man like Kade. He is sweet, caring and a surfer boy to boot and he wants to tear down Roxy's walls. Will she let him or will she push him away?

From me
I wanted to love this book but I had a hard time. I did like it and for a debut novel it was great. I will give it a 4 because the story line was good and the characters were good but the content was a little much for me. I should say the over use of how they felt about each other was a bit much. Granted I'm an old married lady but even in the begging my husband and I weren't quiet this mushy.

The wild child and the shy boy are a great combination and I like how the story was written. I'm a bit sad about the ending and I hope that the 2nd book will be happier and I will read it. Roxy needed to be slapped a few times and she kind of was annoying but she calmed down. How could I not love Kade. I mean his name alone is hot. I look forward to the next one. Congrats Aleya for a great debut book.

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