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The Girl in 6E A. R. Torre

~*The Girl in 6E
by Alessandra Torre Blog Tour
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Title:   The Girl in 6E

Author:   A.R. Torre

Genre:   Erotic Thriller


My life, inside this apartment is simple. It works, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don't leave the apartment. Not in case of fire, not to mail a letter, not to run an errand. The door stays shut, and I stay inside.

2. Don't get attached to clients. I take off my clothes, I stand in front of the camera, and I perform. What they want, I give. Their secrets, I keep. Everything I tell them, is a lie.

3. Don't kill anyone. I've obeyed that rule for over three years.

My life, inside this apartment was simple, and it worked. Then, I started breaking rules.


“Something happened, and I need advice.” I grip the phone tightly and wait for the psychiatrist’s response.

“Another episode?”

“No – nothing about that.  It’s Jeremy…you know the guy who-”

“You’ve had one human interaction in three years, I know who you’re talking about.  What happened?”

“He left me a note.  Outside.  With my package.”  I read him the note, trying not to add inflections that probably don’t exist.  When I finish there is silence, silence that stretches out so long that I find myself fidgeting.

“What do you want from me, DeAnna?”

“I want you to tell me what to do!  I don’t know how to handle this shit.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I – I don’t know what I want.  I just need you to tell me what to do.”

“What was it like when you were with him?”

I stand, pacing the expanse between my two bedrooms.  Crossing the thresholds feels like moving between my two selves – sex kitten to lonely recluse.  JessReilly19 to scheming murderess.  I pushed against his hard chest and then he was there, in my mouth, his tongue pressed gently against mine, and my own traitorous mouth responded, my heart rate increased, my hands moved of their own accord, to his strong arms. Shoving the blade of the box cutters deep into his skin, the blood bursting from the movement, spraying gently upon my hand.  I tasted him, greedy for everything, my hands roamed everywhere, grabbed at his shirt, hastily undoing the buttons.  If he came back, if he came inside, I could be more prepared, could succeed in my quest for death.


I halt, trying to focus.  “I’m sorry – what was the question?”

“What was it like when you were with him?  How did you feel?”

“I wanted him.”  On me, in me, dead beneath me.

“In what way?”  Derek’s voice is so sensual, so soothing, so male.  I make a decision, moving to my pink bed, and lay back on the sheets that smell of lube and latex.

Review --

This is book one in the Girl in 6E
I gave this book 5 stars.

This book was like none that I have ever read before.
It is not what I expected at all..
The first half of the book we get to know Deanna. She is a killer and she locks herself up in her apartment so she doesn't go around killing like you know everyone. We get to see how she survives and what she does day to day. She runs a web cam business and when she sees the news and a little girl is missing. She has a feeling that one of her on line followers is involved.. When nobody will listen to her she leaves her apartment to see what she can do and this is the story of what happens.

This review really can't tell you anything but that, because it will give all the good stuff away. So I will say that this is a must read! This is a book that will challenge you as a reader. I am sure it challenged her as a writer!

I LOVED this story it kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know what the heck was going to happen next! I will say that when you read from the beginning that you should do nothing else but read. NO distractions. It does go back and forth a little bit between the characters so you can get a feel of what is going on and you need to pay attention. Enjoy the read!! You won't regret it!!! <3 Thank you Alessandra for an amazing book!!

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