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Fate's Mistake - Brandace Morrow


Fate’s Mistake by Brandace Morrow
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 19, 2014
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Fate’s Mistake

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He was the perfect gentleman, and my parents adored him. In time, I learned to adore him too. I married him. He was my forever.
Until the day he hit me.
Five years went by with the speed of a ticking clock, counting down my life one painful second at a time.
Until Danny. Danny saw me. Danny was my hero.
Danny was the one I was supposed to be with.
But now I’m broken, shattered into pieces too jagged to fit back together.
Isn’t that what fate is? Puzzles fit together by an unseen hand to form a life worth living.
So when fate makes a mistake, who fixes it?

Meet the Author:
Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her recent obsessions are Maroon 5, rum and coke, and reading in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she's everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion's messes, and everything that is Momdom in the Morrow house.

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People thought the devil had red eyes.  He didn’t.  They were dark brown, almost black.

“You are delicate, feminine, soft.  I fucking love that.  Makes me want to wrap you up and carry you off somewhere.  Isn’t that what every man wants?”
“Tonight, you’re dancing.  We are dancing, and you’re gonna fucking love it.”
When he licks his lips and they’re left shiny, another sound escapes me; a whimper or a groan, some desperate sound of a woman caught.  And I was.  I was caught so good.

I feel his breath first.  He parts his lips and his warm exhale hits me so hard my knees almost give out.  He watches me as I watch him seal his mouth over the front of my lace thong.  I feel his thumbs move on my hips where they’re underneath the straps and see his arms and chest muscles bulge.  Danny closes his mouth and pulls the lace away from my body.  It goes easily and he drops it.  That’s when I realize he ripped my lingerie off of me, one handed, without me even knowing.

I’m not dead yet. I made it through the night. Another sunrise, another goodbye kiss. While stepping on the treadmill, I pray I get to run tomorrow too. My ribs ache as I pick up speed. I breathe in through my nose and slowly exhale through my mouth. My kidneys feel like giant boulders with each hurtful movement. For two hours I run, and not only because I have to. I run because this is the only time I am allowed out of my prison.
My eyes stare, unseeing, out of the floor to ceiling window overlooking the city below. The city goes about its business five stories down, but I don't see sky, glass, metal or traffic. I see the images conjured up by the ear buds blasting music through my head; images of my mom as I was growing up, teaching me everything she loved; images of my father imparting sage advice. I think about how things used to be, and it’s the only time I allow myself to go to those memories. If I didn't lock them away, I'd lose my mind.
Shrill beeping goes off in my ears, startling me so much I trip as my sneaker drags over the conveyer belt of the treadmill. I snag the arm rails desperately and move my feet quickly to the sides. I breathe deeply and push the big red stop button on the machine, then set up a five-minute cool-down walk. When the speed is set, I force my hands to let go of the bars and move naturally at my sides. I don't want to think about where I have to go in five minutes, or where I'll be in five hours, five days.
My skin breaks out in a new kind of sweat; one different from what’s currently coating my skin. This one is cold and stinks of fear. I stare straight ahead to the building of windows across the street and try to wipe this perspiration away. But it keeps secreting itself from my pores, stinging my eyes, making them water. My skin feels overheated, yet chills break out over my body. My breathing gets shallower, and I can feel my heart picking up speed, rather than slowing.
I close my eyes and try to take a breath, but it feels as though there's a band around my chest, like a python squeezing tighter. My vision tunnels. My shaking hands reach for my iPhone resting in the cup holder, the one with only one number in it. My palm slaps the red stop button firmly and I stagger away to the locker rooms as quickly as possible before my knees give way.
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Fate's Mistake book review

Kinley is in an abusive marriage and just doesn't know how to get out. The only 
places she's allowed to go are to the grocery store and to the gym at an upscale 
hotel. She runs on the treadmill every day at the gym. She never talks to anyone 
just in case her husband is watching, that is until the day Danny is there. He's 
the first person to ever actually notice her. 
Daniel Walsh is familiar with the signs of abuse and tries to reach out to 
Kinley. She's so frightened to even talk to him that she ends up freaking out. 
Danny is able to calm her down by rapping to her. He finally earns her trusts 
enough that she will talk to him and eventually let's him help her. 
Within a few months Kinley is building a new life for herself in Florida with 
her friend Lu that she met on the flight down to Miami. After almost a year in 
Florida, and her now ex husband in jail, Lu convinces Kinley to fly out to thank 
the man that saved her.
When Kinley gets to Danny out in California, she is instantly welcomed by him. 
Her thank you visit turns out to change her life once again. Will Kinley finally 
get a better life that she deserves, or will her past always haunt her?

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

After reading the first few chapters, I was certain this book was going to have 
a bad ass thug-like guy be the one to save Kinley. Turns out I was wrong. Danny 
was far from that, but he had me tricked with his rapping skills. It's funny 
that he was the complete opposite of that. But that's great Danny was a good 
guy, and I thought that was a cool quirky thing that added more character to 
I didn't really get Kinley at first. She seemed weak to me. If it wasn't for the 
story line drawing me into the book I might have not finished it, because Kinley 
was pissing me off being so stupid to stay in such an abusive marriage. I was 
thinking of so many ways that she could have left. Then she finally redeemed her 
self when she decided to let Danny help her. It was like I was reading a 
completely different book by the time she moved to Florida. In fact, it was like 
reading three different books. 
There were definitely three different parts in this book; abusive marriage part, 
starting over in Florida, moving on to California. It was quite an interesting 
The story line kept me interested and it was believable...then i got to chapter 
40 and BAM! Uh, what? Realistic fiction to paranormal? I still liked the story, 
but that whole discovery in chapter 40 took away from it a little. Oh well. I 
will say it was creative. 
Over all I was glad I read the book and will gladly read from this author again.

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