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Finding Forever -- LL Collins Review! 5 stars

5 Stars 
Author LL Collins -- 
Finding Forever --
 Available now

Finding Forever, the fourth and final book in the Living Again series, is NOW LIVE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
This is a standalone novel, but why not get to know the entire series? Find out why readers are saying ‘you need more than a box of tissues’, ‘this is the best one yet’, and ‘I couldn’t read a book for a long time after this, I had such a book hangover.’
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This is book 4 in the Living Again Series.
It CAN be read as a STAND ALONE.
But who would want to!!!
If you haven't read LL's books before you're missing out! So go and one click them NOW!!No excuses!!

This is Brant and Lacey's story.

Have you ever come across a book that hits so close to home that you wonder how you're even going to get through writing the review? Yeah, this is one of them books. This book tore my heart out from the prologue. Boxes of tissues are needed for several of the scenes throughout this book. Lacey has been through so much in her young life losing her mother at a very tender age. Growing up and trying to do things that she knew her mother would want her to do. Losing her mother effected everyone in Lacey's family. Even after so long the pain of losing someone she loved is still just as painful as if it happened yesterday. Lacey is afraid to love to give her heart to someone and put trust in a relationship that could last.

Brant is a model. He is doing what he has always wanted to do even if it isn't what his family would want. They want him to take over the family business and that is not what Brant wants. To say that it has caused hard feelings within the family is putting it lightly. All he wants is for his family to support him and love him. He is unsure if that will ever happen.

A chance encounter has these two coming together and thinking about each other, and wondering what if? Yet another chance encounter has Brant believing this is meant to be. Brant will do whatever he can to show Lacey that he is the one for her. Lacey is going to take some convincing. With her heart so closed off to the fact that love might be able to last and that it can be okay. Brant has his work cut out for him. Follow this journey as two people come together and face things that nobody should have to face alone or together as a couple. See why this book is being called the best that this author has ever written. She has out down herself. She has made it so you can join Lacey and Brant as they learn how to fall in love, how to keep love, and how to let love in. Sometimes love is enough. Sometimes you just gotta believe. Love is patient and kind and love endures. LL has touched my heart and left a mark that will forever be apart of me. So grab your tissues, grab a blanket and curl up on your couch and dig in to easily one of the top reads of 2014 for me!!!

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