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Second Chance at Forever -- Mary A. Wasowski

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Title: Second Chance at Forever (Forever, #2)
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Publication Date: July 15, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
What would you do if given a second chance?
To right a wrong from your past?
A wrong that should have never happened.
A wrong that haunts you every day?
Would you stop at nothing to reclaim the one person you built your entire future around?
Walker Reed, has everything a man could desire.
What he didn’t have was Reese Mitchell.
The one woman who held his heart. One night she walked out of his life; disappearing without a trace. Shattering Walker, and his heart to ache for her return.
Fate has reunited them with an unexpected twist.
His Second Chance at Forever is standing before him, and looking as beautiful, as he remembers her.
Determined to find out why she left him, Walker will stop at nothing to learn the truth.

He’s taking back what’s his…

“Are you happy, Walker?” What the hell? “What kind of question is that?” I asked him. “It’s an honest one, Walker, and I would like an answer.” “Define happy, father? I run this company, and I have my son. Anything beyond that doesn’t matter.” “You don’t get to pick and choose what matters, son. It doesn’t work that way. Everything matters. You’re more than just the man who sits here all day in this big office. I was that man, dammit! And I don’t want you to become me. I’m sorry, Walker. I never meant to have things work out the way they did.” Pinching the bridge of my nose, I felt a headache coming on. I listened to my father drone on and on, and I didn’t have the slightest inkling on what in the hell he was talking about. I walked over to my father to look in his eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Pain radiated through my jaw muscles as I clenched my teeth. “Father, I am exactly who you wanted me to be. You say you’re sorry? For what, may I ask? I can’t do this dance with you anymore; it’s just too late. I have done everything you ever asked and wanted me to do, and yet you stand here and ask me if I’m happy. You want the truth? No, I’m not! Because this is not the life I wanted…but I got it…so I live it. The one thing I wanted and have always wanted, I can’t have. I focus on what I do have, and that’s Jackson. My son is my only priority. Now I know that’s not something you’re familiar with, but in my world it’s everything.    
Forever series
Forever (Forever, #1)
Second Chance at Forever (Forever, #2)
About the Author
Mary Wasowski is the queen of mastering many tasks. I call New Jersey my home where I share my life with my husband, and our three amazing sons. Writing was my way of expressing my words that sometimes I couldn't say. My journals were filled with the rants of a teenager finding her way, and eventually they turned into poems, and short stories. Joining the Indie community of so many talented writers has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received. Life can take you down many different roads, but I truly believe this is where I am suppose to be now. I want to inspire my boys to never give up on your dreams. I never did, and here I am. I am officially an Author. Write what you love. Love what you write. Believe in your story. You have many chapters to write on your journey... XOXO...Mary
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