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Jacquelyn Ayres In the Mix Review

In the Mix 
Book 2 in the GEG Series
Jacquelyn Ayres
Book Worms 

This is book two in The GEG Series. 
I gave this book 5 stars. 
It is a standalone BUT I really suggest that you read the first book. 
Both of the main Characters in this book are in book one also. 

This is CiCi's and Kyle's story. 

This book would have rocked without Kyle. Just sayin'! Yes, Kyle is hot and sexy and just a wow kind of guy. BUT CiCi is a one of a kind woman. She is full of fire and just waiting to explode on anyone and everyone. She says what she feels when she feels it. It is a what you see is what you get with her. 
She is strong, she is someone who can handle the world, but inside she is a beautiful soul. A soul that needs healing. A soul that needs loved. 

We all have a friend like this. NO, I guess we don't I would LOVE to have a friend like this. She is so full of spunk and knows what she wants out of life. She doesn't take no for an answer, and she goes for it. The sad thing is CiCi has been hurt. She has been crushed. How? Why? When? She keeps all of that to herself. (even from her reader). She really doesn't trust anyone and doesn't believe in love at all. Her walls are just as thick as they are high. She refuses to let anyone in, but her Best friends and her sister. The GEG's are a group of girls that are the best of friends and they say anything and everything whenever they feel like it. I was busting a gut at 2% into this book. At 22% I was pledging my undying love to the author! I needed this book!! This story was phenomenal to me. I loved every part of it. CiCi made it! 

Now lets get to Kyle. Kyle is gorgeous and sweet and an all around good guy. CiCi doesn't do good guys. But she can't fight this attraction that she is feeling towards him. This magnetic pull, and the fact that no matter what she says Kyle is not giving up. It is annoying her to a point. BUT it is also showing her that some people are worth giving a second chance to. CiCi has to learn that yes love sucks and sometimes people make mistakes, but not everyone is going to crush you. Sometimes two people are meant to be together. Feel the pull. Kyle feels the pull to her from the moment she says hello to him. He just knows that CiCi is THE girl. He is convinced that she is the one. Kyle doesn't take no very well, and let me tell you she says no many, many times. Kyle tries to find ways upon ways of showing CiCi that he is here to stay. Kyle loves her sassy attitude and doesn't try to change her. She can be a bit abrasive and he just takes it and shows her that that is something that he loves about her. 

This story is about first love, second chances, and broken hearts. It is about life. It is about saying yes you're worth giving a chance to, and sometimes things do work out. This story made me laugh, it made me cry, made me laugh some more. It made me believe that sometimes love is beautiful ... The end of this book made me jump with joy. CiCi heals her heart, and she learns to love with all of herself again. YAY!!!

BUT this is not the end of the GEG's!!! I cannot wait to read what Jacquelyn has coming up next!! I am sure it is going to be spectacular, but this one is going to be very hard to beat. I loved the first book, but this one by far was my favorite! Cici is my inner child!! LOL.. I wish. Thank you Jacquelyn for books that I will never forget. You just keep surprising me !! This is an author that you need to keep an eye on! She is headed for bigger and better things!!! <3 

Under Contract 
(The GEG Series Book 1) 
by Jacquelyn Ayres

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