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Elle Vaughn
Tied Up
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 Recently divorced and heartbroken, Charlie is starting over in a new city and job, ready to make a fresh start. Confidence shattered and having lost all hope for having love in her life, she decides to focus on her career. Things finally start looking up for her when she lands a contract with successful environmental corporation, Galloway & Associates. But when she meets her new client, Ian ignites desires inside her that she’s never known before. A rich and powerful businessman, Ian is determined to make Charlie his, despite her protests. Not wanting to put her new job in jeopardy, Charlie refuses Ian’s repeated attempts to gain her attention. But Ian’s used to getting his way and will not give up so easily. There's no denying that Charlie wants Ian as much as he wants her - but she doesn't want romance and the heartache that comes along with it. Ian’s naked hunger for her brings out a primal side of her that she’s never experienced before and she likes it. Charlie will give Ian what he wants, but only if he agrees to surrenders himself to her. Willingly give himself up to Charlie and allow her to explore her darkest fantasies. If Ian wants Charlie, he's going to have to relinquish the control he's used to and submit to her every demand - and desire.
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 Elle Vaughn is an avid book lover - especially romance novels. She's the author of the Anna and Quinton novella series and is always working on a new story project. When she's not lost in her character creations she can be found chasing around her toddler, being outside in the Colorado outdoors, gardening and attempting to cook for her family! ellepic 
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