Saturday, April 2, 2016

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations 

Mix equal parts brilliant, but klutzy, biologist Dr. Catalina Rivera with sexy, alpha, military doctor Colonel Malcolm DuBois, and the solution is sparks flying in a romantic comedy of errors. 

*This novella contains some graphic scenes of adult content.*

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About the Author 

T.J. Loveless has been reading and writing stories since the fourth grade. She writes predominantly in the Spec Fic genres, with a novella series to be self-published the summer of 2013, and one MS currently in the query trenches. A former copy/content editor at a small publishing house, now freelances over at Cliffhanger Editing.

She lives with one Editor Kitty, two Muses, a Hubby who prefers her mood when writing and a teenager who loves to tells stories of her mother on the floor trying to visualize “legs all akimbo” and how Writing Momma has long, often yelling, conversations with the computer screen.

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