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Seduce Me (Ravage MC #2) Ryan Michele

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Title: Seduce Me (Ravage MC #2)
Author: Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2014
Casey Alexander grew up part of the Ravage Motorcycle family since the day she was abandoned by her mother and thrown into her father’s lap. Always seeing herself as an outsider, she spent her whole life trying to fit in, but never really succeeding. When she loses her beloved father, the utter aloneness engulfs her, leaving her searching for solace in the one man she’s always craved. Confessing her love for him only results in devastation when he pushes her away. Convinced she needs a fresh start, she leaves everything behind in order to mend her broken heart and begin building a future without him. Gage Thomas (G.T.) Gavelson fell in love with his Angel when he was just a pint sized kid. Both beautiful and smart, he always felt she deserved so much better than him. Growing up beside her in the club only continued to test his will power, until one night, he gave into temptation. Realizing he couldn’t allow himself to hold her back from the life she deserved, he pushed her away, allowing her to believe she would never be enough for him. Letting her go had been the hardest thing he’d ever done. Even though he’d thought it’d been the right thing to do, not a day goes by that misery doesn’t consume him for it. When a tragic shootout occurs, everything changes as once again their lives are intermingled. When you find your way back to the one person you are meant to be with, forgiveness should be easy. But sometimes, we hurt each other too much to ever be able to forgive. Is their love strong enough to heal their pain?  
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Seduce Me (Ravage MC, #2)
Ravage Me (Ravage MC #1)
The morning air strikes across my skin as I step out of the clubhouse slowly walking to my car. I’ve had to say good-bye to Harlow twice now, but this one is by far the hardest. The weight on my shoulders is bogging me so far down; my legs find each step difficult. I do not want to leave. This is my home, the only life I’ve ever known. And my only connection to my father Bam, but it’s what must be done. I place my hand on my stomach closing my eyes and breathing in deep the air rushing through my lungs. It’s funny how life repeats itself. I think that it’s Dr. Phil that says ‘past behavior predicts future behavior’and to hell if that isn’t the truth. Walking up to my white and red Chevy, I slide in slowly turning the key into the ignition, the car roaring to life. My eyes focus on the garage and my heart sinks as I slouch in my seat, the weight becoming too much. Hours I’ve spent inside that building learning, but the best were the ones I spent with my Dad side by side under the hood of this car. He spent such meticulous time teaching me everything he could, always patient and answering the thousands of questions one at a time. It was the best time of my life. Growing up in the club had its difficulties, but with each challenge that has been thrown in my face, I came out a stronger woman because of it. I never knew my egg donor of a mother, who happened to be a club momma. As soon as I popped out of her stomach, she handed me over to Bam and never looked back. I don’t even know her name and at this point in my life have no intention of ever finding out. I rub my stomach and disappointment scatters through my body. How could someone just dump their child and never contact them again? Never want to watch them grow up? The thought is just inconceivable to me. Even though it doesn’t make sense, it’s what mine did. Bam never had a choice on whether to raise me or not, but I never once felt like a burden on him. True, my life growing up was very different from the life of my other schoolmates, but I loved it and wouldn’t change a thing. For me, being strapped to a Harley before I could walk and attending parties where guys smoked cigarettes, drank booze and kissed barely clothed women was the norm. Watching fights break out over stupid shit almost every single day is the way of the club. Don’t get me wrong, I was always cared for, mostly by Bam, but when he was busy, the throng of club mommas entered in and out of my life to temporarily care for me, none ever staying long enough to form any kind of connection to. Bam was there though as much as he could be. He’d have tea parties with me and play this wrestling tickle game that always sent me into fits of laughter. I loved him…I still love him. His life lessons were the best education a little girl could have. I never had to ask him, it was like he knew what I needed when I needed it. When the time came for boys, he always told me that no man is good enough for my baby. At the time, I rolled my eyes, but now I crave to hear those words come back out of his mouth. I hang my head down to my chest willing the tears to stay at bay. I will not cry. Im stronger than that. Bam was able to do it, raise me that is. Even with the struggles, he did it. I can too, but in order to, I need to get away from here and find out who I am. I need to do better for myself and for my baby, my family. I want a life here, but unfortunately that is not possible right now. It’s not my choice, but that of my baby’s father. Even though he doesn’t know about this precious gift I have growing inside of me, he’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want a life with me anywhere in it. It seems he’s too interested in chasing pussy to ever settle for just one. It guts me and shreds my heart that I’m not good enough. But I’m learning to accept it, even if it kills me. He left little room not to. But I need to get myself together and stop with the ever impending pity party of poor me. I am not a poor me kind of woman. Thanks to Bam, I’m a grab life by the balls, deal with the consequences and make myself a future kind of a woman. That is what I am doing by leaving. I have every intention of coming back, every intention of introducing my child to his father and every intention of making my relationship with Harlow work. As soon as I have my head on straight. Lifting my shoulders, I put the car into drive and set off for the new life that I have planned for my baby and I.

About the Author
7170947 I'm a mom and a wife who works full time. I have a huge obsession with collecting paperbacks and reading. Becoming an author, wasn't exactly what I set out to do, it just happened. I needed something to help me get rid of the feeling of being 'just a mom' or 'just a wife' that was consuming me and writing became that outlet. My book(s) cover some tough issues which are hard for some readers to digest. I am grateful for every single one of you who read my books.
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Review of Ravage Me Book #1


This Review was left by Michelle a Book Worms Reviewer.
We gave this book 5 stars.
This is book one in the Ravage MC Series.

Quick shot of the story is that Harlow or has she's known at the Ravage MC
clubhouse as Princess, gets out of prison after two long years for a crime she
didn't commit. That's ok because while already being a harda*@, she becomes
even harder. Needing to prove her innocence by getting the woman who framed her
either locked up or dead she sets a plan in motion. What her plan didn't include
was a large, sexy, dominating man named Cruz. Having his own demons, this little
"princess" is out to prove that she's not a pushover. He will stop at nothing to
get her in his bed, problem being she made a promise a long time ago that she
doesn't date any of the "brothers". To bad for him or can he prove to her just
how good they are together. At least in bed.

There are some bad men that want to hurt the Ravage MC and they will stop at
nothing to do that. While threatening Princess, the MC has to figure out who's
behind the leaked information. Bullets flying and people dying, what are the
hidden secrets that Harlow and Cruz don't want shared.

From me...

I love me some bikers. Big, bad, tatted men that want to do nothing but...well
you know all day. I can do that. I loved this book and this story totally gets 5
STARS. The fact that Harlow is one badass bitch that takes nothing from anyone.
She grew up around most of these men, so she knows the life and she's great with
it. Love strong women who aren't afraid of men. I would have to break my own rule
if I found a "brother" that is described like Cruz is. Whoo hot damn. There are
some twists that I did not see coming and the entire book will keep you
guessing. I am about to start on the second one and I am really excited. Oh I
forgot to mention the sex. Off the hook sexy. Let's just say there were no
complaints from hubby. Some serious sexy scenes that were so hot, I had to take
my own cold shower.

The writing was great, the story flowed and I was again impressed with the
characters. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. Off to read
Seduce Me....


Review of Seduce Me #2

This review was left by Michelle a Book Worms Reviewer.
We gave this book 5 Stars.
This is book 2 in the Ravage MC Series.

Growing up in a motorcycle club can be tough on some people. For Casey, biker's, clubhouses, parties, and scantily clad women were the normal in her world. Her dad having to raise her all on her own showed her how to be a girly girl but go toe-to-toe with the best of the men. Leaving said home because she needed to find her own way after her father died and the love of her life broke her heart. She long to tell her best friend the secret she's harboring but she knows it would get back to the brothers and she couldn't have that. A new town, school, and some new friends are just what the doctor ordered. How can she leave the only life she's ever known? Because the MC only took care of her because of her dad, but now that's he's gone, they only do it out of obligation. Right? When her secret has devastating results, her world is shattered and she's not sure the love of her life can even put her back together.

For G.T., life has become complicated. With the loss of their president, things for the Ravage MC have turned deadly and he's not sure how to fix things. The help of his brothers goes a long way but what he really wants is the one woman that he shouldn't have. Casey for him is like water to a thirsty man. He wants her, he craves her, but he shouldn't have her. She deserves better, her daddy told him so. So why is it that he can't stop thinking about her? They have known each all their lives but something about her keeps drawing him back to her.

With the MC's future being tested, brother's being shot, Casey's secret, will these do be able to overcome everything for the one thing that makes sense? Them together.

From me....Holy sh*t, I loved this book and I love me some bikers. You have to read Ravage Me first to get the characters in this book. That's where we met Casey and G.T.. While we knew something had gone on in the last book we didn't know the story. Casey is the ever loving best friend but she was harboring something huge. Nuh uh, you have to read this to know what it is. I loved that Casey was strong and independent and wasn't relying on a man to make her do what needed to be done. G.T., well he's just all kinds of male badass hotness that make you want to lick the pages with the description of him. The way Casey was feeling about the entire MC was understandable but it broke my heart that someone felt like the way she did.

The writing was flawless, the story flowed and the characters kicked ass (and I don't mean just literally). There was not just the normal amount of drama in this one. The drama was devastating, emotional, and heartbreaking but the way that family pulls together in times of a crisis and even when not in one, the book did it.

Read it, read it, read it. I can't wait for the my next shot of the boys from Ravage. 5 STARS all around.

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